Chaos Computer Club, 09/13/2001

CCC condemns attacks against communication systems

- emphasis on international understanding more important than ever

As a reaction to the inconceivable murders in the US, an appeal to destroy web sites and other communication systems linked to the Internet in Islamic countries or used by Islamic organisations is currently passed around in the hackers scene.

The Chaos Computer Club strongly condemns this appeal and asks the public to ignore said appeal and similar ones. Being a galactic union of hackers, we simply cannot imagine to divide the world into good and bad at this moment and use -- of all reason -- religion as a criterion for such a segregation.

Understanding the recent events is a real challenge for every person on this planet and in the global village. Being hackers, however, we should try to do the now necessary "world processing" in the spirit of humanity. "We face this power of destruction and feel helpless. However, we believe in the power of communication, a power that has always prevailed in the end and is a more positive force than hatred", said Jens Ohlig, spokesman of the CCC.

"Electronic communication infrastructures like the Internet are now necessary to contribute to international understanding. In a situation like this, which is understandably tense, it's simply not acceptable to cut lines of communication and provide a stronger foundation for ignorance", CCC-spokesman Andy M¸ller-Maguhn added.

The Chaos Computer Club, celebrating its 20th anniversary, demands informational freedom and at least world-wide, unhampered communication as a human right in its by-laws.

In 1999, the CCC joined an international coalition of hacker groups (Cult of the Dead Cow, 2600, L0pht, Phrack, Pulhas, Toxyn, !Hispahack and several members of the Dutch hackers community) to strongly condemn the use of networks as battlegrounds: "DO NOT support any acts of 'Cyberwar.' Keep the networks of communication alive. They are the nervous system for human progress."

The 1999 declaration of info peace can be found at