September 11, 2001 - America under Attack

World Trade Center

New York City

Brooklyn Bridge Royal Crown Plaza New York City New York City Bedford Oak, New York City

This Photo has been sent to me by Mike Holley, Chief of one of the Urban Search & Rescue Teams (NMUSAR): "A photo taken of me as we just located another body."   New York Rescue Workers
  • The page of John Haller
    Who is living in NY and webmaster of He pointed a webcam to the former World Trade Center site. Here I mirrored the pictures his webcam took on Sept 11:
After the attack After the first tower fell After the 2nd tower fell View as of 2pm EDT  
  • WTC Photo of 1999
  click here (110KB) Thanks to Christian Arn who took this photo in September 1999 from below of the statue in between the WTC in New York (110KB).
  • Lists of companies that were located in the two towers

Tower 1 (North)

Companies Tower 1 (North)

Tower 2 (South)

Companies Tower 2 (South)

  • WTC Layout
  WTC Layout - 63KB A map of the layout of the 7 WTC buildings.
I got this from
  • Selected maps from National Geographic

New York

New York
Washington DC

Washington DC



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