September 11, 2001

Terror Attacks on World Trade Center, New York City

Photos and Presentations


Picture Galleries - Reactions to September 11

September 11 Picture Documentations

1) Flash presentation / Enya Song

WTC and the victims memory - Flash Player required (2MB)

This Flash presentation includes many photos and plays Enyas "Only Time".
Click icon to download file (2 MB).

2) Powerpoint presentation

Pictures of Destruction - WTC and Pentagon - (700KB) - requires MS PowerPoint

A disturbing Powerpoint presentation which shows the incidents on Sept 11.
Click icon to download file (700 KB).

Credits to Peter Cremer who sent me 1) and 2).

3) Flash presentation / "Can't cry hard enough" Song

"Can't cry hard enough" Song - (1,3 MB) - Flash player included

The Song "Can't cry hard enough" and photos of the victims. (Creator: Jason Powers)
Click icon to download file (1,3 MB).


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